Below is a list of some of the solutions, we offer, that will provide the efficiency and cost savings you are looking for.




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Inventory Control

InventoryRx - Inventory Control

Enhance the perpetual Inventory Control build-in to the Pharmacy software by providing an easy physical inventory capture device to control shortages and shrinkage.



Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

Enhance your Inventory entry with a Barcode scanner, use it when dispensing or scan Rx to verified, retrieve or picked-up.



Document Imaging

Document Imaging

Transition to a paperless environment. Scan, store, and retrieve any type of document (including: CMN, prescription, insurance card, physician documentation, worker comp, etc ..) 



Drivers License Scanning

Fully interfaced to read the information from driver's licenses swiped.  The software will transfer all current information directly from the patient's drivers license into the patients file within Visual Pharmacy Plus™.  This is an excellent addition to your pharmacy management system.  This will eliminate input errors, reduce duplicate records and will virtually eliminate the re-keying of patient information.

POSRx - Point Of Sale register

A fully integrated system computer register for managing sales, inventory, cost and profits of OTC products and co-payments with security controls.

eScriptPlus™ - ePrescription

Enables pharmacies to exchange secure electronic transactions with physicians, including new prescriptions, refill requests and responses, and medication change requests.



Robotic Dispensing Systems

Robotic Dispensing System (RDS)

A Robotic Dispensing System will save you time by automatically filling the medication entered in the Pharmacy system.

IVRx - Compounding/IV Infusion

You can use or maintain an on-line database for a variety of I.V. solutions for home infusion centers, clinics and physicians’ offices. Orders may be categorized as piggy-back, syringe, LVP, TPN, epidural, chemotherapy and chemo syringe. Admixed and non-admixed solutions are supported.



Electronic Signature Pad

SignatureRx - Electronic Signature Capture

Our electronic signature capture solution helps you capture, store and retrieve patients’ signatures on an high-tech signature pad, integrates with the Abacus pharmacy management system and supports PHI acknowledgement and patient pickup, including cash and third-party, offer to counsel, and safety cap information.

VoiceRx -  Electronic Will-Call

The Abacus Will-Call Kiosk displays prescriptions ready for pickup. It also displays advertisements to promote store specials or leased the space to vendors for promoting new products. It sends a text or pre-recorded voice message to your patient's phone when Rx is ready.



DosePackRx™ - Blister, Bingo & Plastic pack

For LTC Pharmacies we provide labels for Blister packaging, Bingo card packaging and interfaces with Robotic Dispensing Systems that provide Plastic packaging.



eMARRx™ - Electronic MAR

For LTC Pharmacies we provide an interface to eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record). You will benefit from no longer needing to print MARs, instant updates, facility now enters and manages treatments and vitals.



IVR Interactive Voice Response

IVRRx™ - Interactive Voice Response

IVR is an interactive voice response solution that integrates with the Abacus Pharmacy management system and automates telephone call handling by routing refills into the software. It provides customers and physicians with 24-hour access to pharmacy services. 



IDRx - Employee ID

Secure your computer systems with ID badge. 



BioRx - Biometics

Identify your patients or users of the Abacus Pharmacy software using biometrics fingerprint, face recognition, hand geometry or iris recognition.



DME Billing

DMERx™ - Durable Medical Equipment

A convenient and thorough method for billing DME claims at the point-of-service using the same data and software,
eliminating the need for additional costly software. Our real-time edits enforce compliance significantly reducing costly rejects.


CMS five Star rating

Boost your CMS rating with our program, features and interfaces.




ShippingRx™ - Multi-Carrier Shipping

We can interface with many shipping systems offering the ability to rate, route, print labels, track, email notifications, signature confirmation, delivery confirmation, generate reports and provide various standard and customizable functions for a variety of national and regional carriers.

Physician Practice

Physician Office/Clinic

Software for a dispensing physician office to manage medication, inventory, audit and reporting in full compliance.


Productivity Tools

We proactively seek out companies that by them self or in combination can offer our customers benefits. We have forge partnerships and interfaces with many companies to save our customers money and offer additional benefits.


SafeRx - Secure Offsite Backup

The Peace-of-mind knowing your data is safe! Our Off-Site Backup electronically encrypts and transfers pharmacy data to secure, off-site servers, offering the ultimate protection in the event of a natural disaster as well as aiding in the Pharmacy's HIPAA Disaster Recovery Plans.


Cloud Solutions

We can assist you with custom cloud solutions or services.




Our system can run on your existing equipment or we can configure systems for your needs.


As you can see above, we specialize in developing software and systems for the complete spectrum of the pharmacy business. The Abacus Pharmacy software is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, comprehensive pharmacy management solution that fully integrates your back-end pharmacy processes with your front-end business management. It offers fully integrated functionality of point-of-sale, perpetual inventory, accounts receivables, interactive voice response, long-term care, reconciliation and automated dispensing and many more possibilities.

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