Bingo cards, Blister packs & Plastic packaging

No longer will you have to buy software, hardware and products from one company to package medications in Bingo cards!

The DosePack multi-dose solution will produce the labeling you need to place on Bingo cards, Blister packs or any form of container you need with the information you need.

Now unit dose dispensing is affordable for not only for LTC Pharmacies, but can also be used by Retail Pharmacies. The advantages of unit dose dispensing are that the drug is fully identifiable and the integrity of the dosage form is protected until the actual moment of administration. If the drug is not used and the container is intact, the drug may be retrieved and redispensed without compromising its integrity.




For your retail patients, this will eliminates Ziploc bags full of vials and pesky pill boxes and helps you:

  • Gain a competitive edge to secure your most valuable base of customers – the 10 percent that take five or more meds a day
  • Increase your revenue by picking up scripts your patients fill at other pharmacies
  • Add convenience and value for your customers
  • Improve adherence and patient outcomes

For your long-term care and skilled nursing customers, this will allows you to:

  • Dispense in cycles ranging from 30 days to 24 hours
  • Ease short-cycle compliance and reduce med waste
  • Manage med changes with agility and speed
  • Improve adherence and patient outcomes for lower hospital readmissions
  • Reduce cost by choosing the type of Bingo card, Blister pack or other container that best suits you, from any vendor.

A robotic solution is also available, and can interface with RDS (Robotic Dispensing Systems) that automatically produces Plastic packaging with the required labeling.













































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