Independent Retail Pharmacy

For retail, independent, Clinics, or out-patient pharmacy that runs one or multi-store locations.


Institutional Pharmacies

For Long-Term-Care (LTC), Assisted Living Facility (ALF), Correctional facilities, Institutional  or Specialty Pharmacy.



Mail Order Pharmacy

For Mail Order Pharmacy that provides prescription fulfillment service utilizing mail and shipping services.

A complete integrated POS register system to manage OTC sales, inventory, cost and Rx pickup.











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A partnership commitment is what Abacus wants to provide you from the beginning. Anyone can sell you a box of goods, but can they support what they sell?  We often get compliments on our customer service and we always feel obligated to go the extra mile for our clients.

We specialize in supporting, developing software and systems for the complete spectrum of the pharmacy business. The Abacus Pharmacy software is an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, comprehensive pharmacy management solution that fully integrates your back-end pharmacy processes with your front-end business management.



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