Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

What if you can provide the Medical Administration Records electronically to the Facility?

eMAR will help market your Pharmacy by providing the Facility with a product that guides authorized staff through quick and efficient electronic medication and treatment administration and documentation of all clinical events performed. Pharmacy Bedside replaces time-consuming, inefficient and potentially unsafe medication administration with:
  • Fail-safe, step-by-step guidance and alerts organized around how nurses and staff work and care for patients 
  • Electronic guides to assist nurses through administering and documenting medication and treatment for each patient
  • Patient-specific packs with bar-code verification for all medication and treatment administration
  • Patient diagnosis, allergies and dietary requirements
  • Automatic documentation for all medication and treatment administration activities
  • An electronic history of each activity and dosage for automatic, anytime reporting and documentation
  • Patient records that automatically display patient pictures for additional verification and safety
  • Patient records that automatically display medication pictures and additional information for additional verification and safety


  • Improve patient safety and virtually eliminate medication administration errors
  • Ensure all ordered medication and clinical care activities are accurately and completely executed and documented
  • Be survey-ready in less time for less money by automatically eliminating incomplete or inaccurate documentation
  • Improve or maintain your Five Star Quality Rating more efficiently and cost effectively
  • Reduce liability and regulatory compliance exposure
  • Spend more time caring for patients and less time with administrative overhead
  • Reduce staff overtime and turnover
  • Eliminate end-of-month physician order, MAR, and TAR audits (recaps and renewals)

















































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