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The DeliveryRx™ system is the perfect solution for pharmacies that collect signatures in drive-thru windows, deliver medication to their patients or for servicing nursing facilities.  Compatible with  iPhone and iPad's.

The system is designed to track prescription deliveries (even alternate addresses for patients wanting their prescriptions delivered to other locations), verify the Rx being delivered and to who, track the driver, track delivery with Prof-of-Delivery signatures or delivery notes. It can assist with payment collection  (ensure complete delivery as well as payment accuracy).  The Mobile Device can either instantly update all the Pharmacy data (patient signatures POD, payment amounts, debits charges, notes and delivery status) via the internet or the data is uploaded to the Pharmacy software  when the driver returns.

You can track every prescription that goes out of your pharmacy!

Track Rx Delivery

Track Driver

Delivery tote verification

Delivery Route

Direction Map

Payment collection

Prof-of-Delivery signature

The DeliveryRx™ system provides two ways to track deliveries:

1.    In manual mode, delivery tickets containing Patient, address and Rx are scanned and assigned to a delivery person indicating the prescriptions are on route, when the driver returns the delivery ticket is again scan with a status indicating received, refused or other status. The system can also provide a delivery list with directions and the delivery ticket can be scanned to electronically capture the patient signature.

2.    In computerized mode, The DeliveryRx™ Computerized Delivery Tracking Module is the perfect solution for pharmacies that collect signatures in drive-thru windows, deliver medication to their patients, out patient services or that provide Rx delivery service to nursing homes, long term care facilities and other institutional facilities.  In today’s competitive environment, a computerized delivery tracking system offers independent pharmacies an edge over the corporate chain pharmacies.  Pharmacies can provide a personal service not offered by the large chains, while maintaining control and integrity of Rx deliveries.

The DeliveryRx™system is designed to track prescription deliveries to a specific address or multiple alternate addresses and locations.  The system will verify the Rx being delivered, which includes patient verification, driver assigned to the delivery, amounts due at delivery, and provide proof-of-delivery signatures.  The system will accommodate for physician or pharmacist patient notes upon delivery and electronic confirmation back to the pharmacy central system.


Using an iPhone or iPad's

The manifest is downloaded into the device. This is then taken with the driver and used to "check off" each item when the order is delivered to the nursing home or patient. The device also allows you to check off items delivered and log an electronic signature from the receiving personnel.

How it works

The deliveries are digitally tracked utilizing an iPhone or iPad (Mobile Device). The process of tracking a delivery begins when the pharmacy system, uploads the delivery data onto the Mobile Device. This create a digital list of the manifest (packing list) on the Mobile Device. Each list is linked to a destination ID that represents a wing/section of a nursing home or a home address. One Mobile Device will contain lists for all destinations on a delivery route (and can handle multiple routes) and will accompany the product upon delivery.

When the delivery person arrives at the destination they will scan a unique barcode that has been posted at the location. This will put the device at the destination, the driver is already logged in as the employee handling the delivery. You now have where you are and who is handling the delivery. The next stage in the process is to scan all the unique Rx barcodes on the prescription labels. The Rx number plus the refill number act as the unique tracking identifier for the items being delivered. (think UPS tracking #) As each Rx label is scanned it will be checked off the list of prescriptions for this destination and a date/time stamped record will be created for each prescription. When all prescriptions are scanned the program will be ready for the next stage in the collection and check in process. This is collecting the amount owed (Cash, Check or Credit Card) capturing the signature of the recipient (Prof Of Delivery). The nurse or recipient will first give their printed name so if they sign an "X" on the Mobile Device the records will still show a first and last name of the person accepting the delivery. Then the recipient will be allowed to sign on a digital signature pad similar to a credit card touchpad. If an amount is due, it will be displayed for collection.

The system has now created digital records of all important elements of the delivery process. The delivery information can be sent instantly to the Pharmacy (via the internet) or the record can remain on the Mobile Device until the time it returns to the pharmacy and synchronizes with the computer system at the pharmacy.



Following are a few of the main features:


R  Streamlined tracking and delivery system.

R  Integration of scanners and credit card processing.

R  Ability to print manifests.

R  Numerous "check stations" offer redundancy style tracking, thus greatly reducing the possibility of lost or mis-delivered scripts.

R  Exception report offers at-a-glance view of discrepancies in the tracking process.

R  Ability to obtain and download electronic signatures.

Can easily add additional delivery drivers into the system.
































































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